Sacramento Kings Twitter account shared highlights, but not the score during blowout loss

October 12, 2018

It may still be the preseason, but the Sacramento Kings are already in mid-season form. Well, the team's twitter account, that is.

The Kings got drubbed 132-93 in their final regular season tuneup against the Utah Jazz on Thursday night, but its social media squad found a funny and creative way of sharing highlights — without sharing the score. Check out this clip of point guard De'Aaron Fox converting a floater while getting fouled and notice the "CENSORED" sign over the scoreboard:

By the way, it was 45 to (gulp) 10 at that point in the second quarter. . . yikes. That was a smart move covering up that bloodbath. Think of the kids watching!

Then in the third quarter, Buddy Hield had a steal and a dunk to "cut the lead" to 30. This time, the crafty Kings Twitterer went with a cute dog to cover up the score, perhaps in honor of Hield's first name. Brilliant.

The team's Twitter account, which boasts just over one million followers, even went out of its way to show the Kings weren't the only pro sports team getting drubbed. They had no problem randomly letting people know how that lopsided Thursday night NFL game between the Eagles and Giants was going:

And in the end, Twitter handle had a little fun with the Utah Jazz account in advance of the teams squaring off to start their respective regular seasons on Wednesday:

Considering this disaster of a team put together by Vlade Divac is projected to win only 26 games, Kings fans are going to need Kings Twitter to get through another miserable season. To the mystery person(s) behind the handle, keep up the good work.