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It doesn’t look like Jena Sims’ Ryder Cup pep talk worked, but here it is anyway

September 29, 2023

Patrick Smith

The Europeans came out roaring at Marco Simone on Friday morning. A 4-0 beatdown was certainly not in the cards for the Americans, but there’s still plenty of time at least. Maybe.

Just imagine how bad things would be without this awe-inspiring pump-up post from Jena Sims. It would be 8-0 somehow. You gotta hand it to Sims; this is one of the few bursts of energy from a U.S. Ryder Cupper so far this week.

"Giving my husband a pep talk the night before the Ryder Cup 🇺🇸,” reads Sims’ TikTok. She also adds, “It’s the wine stained lips for me.”

Utilizing the very random (but now viral) passion-energy TikTok sound to full effect, you can’t say that Sims’ heart isn’t in it. Perhaps wine-fueled, Jena Sims has the moves and dancing stamina of a bat-mitzvah tween. We have no choice but to respect the effort.

Maybe the one thing that the U.S. squad is missing is matching Brooks Koepka ensembles. That would certainly psyche out the Europeans and also give a much-needed jolt of energy to the early thrashing. Clad in American stars and stripes with the Brooksy face is how Zach Johnson and company turn this thing around.

Thanks to Jena Sims for giving the Americans something to feel good about. Lord knows the actual team isn’t helping with that just yet.