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Rush: Haney 'is as I am'

January 07, 2011

We won't know until the latest "Haney Project" airs (it begins next week) whether radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh actually improved his golf under the tutelage of instructor Hank Haney, but in discussing the Golf Channel series on his radio show on Friday he was raving about him. Some excerpts:

"He's a god in the golf world. Everywhere I've been with this guy all over the world shooting this show, he's a god."

"I met somebody who is as committed to what he does as I am to what I do. And I don't run into that very much. I gotta be very honest with you. And it was fascinating for me. In everything I do I'm the most committed to it...he is singularly focused on teaching people the right way to play the game."

"He was singularly focused on analyzing everything about my game that was wrong and fixing it. This guy sent long e-mails to me, video analysis from sessions with him, with commentary, stuff that had to take him hours to put together. And obviously he did it 'cause he is just obsessed with being the greatest teacher he can be."

The full transcript is here.

-- John Strege