Rules: Choose your weapons wisely

March 19, 2009

1. You're allowed to play in a tournament with a ball that has the word "practice" stamped on it.

2. You may leave a club on the ground for alignment while you hit a shot from off the green.

3. Once you declare a ball unfit for play, it cannot be used again during that tournament round.

4. You're allowed to use a distance-measuring device during a tournament.

5. After the first 18 holes of a 36-hole match, you can change your putter.

6. You're allowed to replace a broken club before a stroke-play playoff.

7. You can spit on your club to clean the face before hitting a shot.

8. You may replace your clubs in the middle of the round if the grips are wet.

9. If you accidentally run over a golf club and damage it with your cart, you can replace it during the round.

10. For extra distance, you may use a 48-inch driver (the standard length is 45 inches).

11. During a tournament, you may remove a scuffed ball from play at any time.

12. You can carry more than 14 clubs in your bag provided the extra clubs aren't used during the round.

13. If your wedge creates too much glare, you can tape over the top of it during a round and still use the club.

14. To hit a drive over some trees, you may use a tee that is four inches long.

15. You carry only 13 clubs in your bag, so you may borrow your partner's gap wedge for a shot.