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June 13, 2011

Round 2 of Fans' Choice: Pebble Beach or True North?

Leave it to Las Vegas to be a part of the biggest first-round upset in Golf Digest's tournament of the top 64 public courses in the country. In a sea of torn sports-book tickets, on a carpet soaked with spilled beer and empty dreams, Shadow Creek falls to Bulle Rock.  [#image: /photos/55ad7439add713143b425800]|||BulleRock_2.jpg|||Earlier today, Sin City's No. 2 seed got beat by a scrappy 15 seed from Maryland (pictured above), which concluded the first-round matches in what we're calling the Fans' Choice. "Bulle Rock is by far the best course of those two," was a comment left by Mike Wheeler. And it's also a quarter the price, which might have had something to do with the outcome. (Here's a link to the updated bracket and a complete schedule of second-round matches.) But as we start the second round, I'll play the role of Vegas, and based on the number of first-round votes acquired by each course, sort out the favorites to win it all.


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