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Rory McIlroy's "stock" yardages this week in Mexico City will blow your mind

February 21, 2020

The USGA/R&A's recent distance report has reignited the "Does the golf ball go to far?" debate among players, pundits, and fans. No matter what side you take, though, there's no debating that nowhere does the golf ball go farther in professional golf than at the PGA Tour's annual trip to Mexico City.

At about 7,600 feet above sea level, Club de Golf Chapultepec's nearly 7,300-yard layout plays considerably shorter because golfers are capable of hitting the ball longer at the WGC-Mexico Championship. A LOT longer. The altitude translates to about a 15 percent difference, which might not sound like that much until you see the actual numbers. And thanks to Rory McIlroy sharing a handy piece of paper with all his stock yardages for this week scribbled down, here's a closer look:

Again, these are stock carry distances for each of his clubs. Just absurd.

Don't believe that the 5-foot-10 player can hit it that far? Well, he proved it on the range:

And on the course during his first-round 65 that gave him the Day 1 lead. McIlroy said he hit 4-iron from 274 yards on the par-5 11th to set up his eagle there.

And as you can see from his handmade chart, he has that club flying 272, so it checks out! Of course, golf fans are kind of used to this in Mexico City's fourth year hosting the event, but again, the numbers are absurd.

Here's McIlroy talking about the unusual playing conditions after his round:

"I pitched a 6-iron 238 into the wind." Excuse me?!

In any event, it's probably best you try to forget about this the next time you play.