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Rory McIlroy's boyhood golf club features an awesome 'Rory Room'

The folks at Holywood Golf Club in Northern Ireland are sure proud of Rory McIlroy. And why wouldn't they be? The kid who honed his game there has gone on to claim four major championships (and counting) and become one of the top professionals in the game.

So it should come as no surprise that the club puts a lot of McIlroy memorabilia on display. Still, seeing this "Rory Room" is pretty cool. Our own Jamie Kennedy, the content director for the European Tour back in 2017, shared this a few years back:

And here are a couple other photos that Kennedy shared:

McIlroy is also featured prominently on the club's website:


And in its promotional video:

"So if Holywood could do that for Rory, well, maybe we could do something similar for you too."

That sounds like a bit of a stretch. But if we're ever in the area, we'll settle for playing the course -- and visiting the "Rory Room."