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Rory McIlroy just won't let Brandel Chamblee's weightlifting comments go away

February 18, 2016

On Tuesday, Rory McIlroy had a funny response to Brandel Chamblee's concern that he's doing too much weightlifting, and worrying he'd follow the path of Tiger Woods. And on Wednesday, the four-time major winner showed he's not forgetting those comments anytime soon. At his pre-tournament press conference for the Northern Trust Open, McIlroy went out of his way to mention the Golf Channel analyst -- and he displayed a little more bite.

"Did you do any squats today?" McIlroy was asked. "Not yet, but I'm planning to . . . maybe with Brandel on my back," he responded.

Well there's an amusing image.

Later in the day, McIlroy took to Twitter to share a motivational message from fellow fitness buff Gary Player.

And he also clarified his workout routine from that video he posted directly to Chamblee.

Oh, it was just the last set at 265 pounds? That's it? Glad we cleared that up. Here's another thing that's clear: Don't mess with McIlroy's fitness regimen.