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Rory McIlroy just got beat in arm wrestling by a 17-year-old golfer and it wasn't even close

April 24, 2015

Before Friday, Brad Dalke was known as one of the best junior golfers in the country. Now? He's the guy who took down Rory McIlroy in arm wrestling. And it wasn't even close.

The world's top-ranked golfer gave a talk and hosted a clinic when he made a surprise appearance at a Nike-sponsored junior golf event at Sage Valley. But when it came to displaying strength, it was Dalke who put on the clinic. Here's the video he posted to Twitter with the caption, "Sorry Rory."

Sorry Rory 💪🏿 > — Brad Dalke (@BradDalkeGolf) > April 25, 2015

Dalke first made news when he verbally committed to University of Oklahoma as a 12-year-old in 2010. His latest conquest certainly won't hurt his big-man-on-campus status when he arrives in Norman in the fall.

As for Rory, there's no reason for him to be embarrassed. It's not like he works out a lot or anything. Oh, right.