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Is this video of Rory McIlroy hitting driver a reason to be optimistic towards his PGA Championship prospects?

Rory's back! To hitting driver at least.

It's now official: Rory McIlroy is capable of hitting driver better than 99 percent of the population -- even on a bad ankle. The video he posted Thursday morning proves it.

At this point, we're all speculating whether McIlroy will tee it up at next week's PGA Championship. But as Rory says in the caption of his video, it looks like he's back to ripping driver the way we all expect from Rory.

Rory also posted this side-by-side comparison on how his ankle looks. Either he's really proud of the way his ankle is progressing, or he's just really bored and wanted to post his photo to the internet. Don't blame him -- if we thought that the world cared about how our ankle looked, we'd probably do the same thing.

Now, we're left to speculate even more whether Rory will tee it up in next week's PGA Championship. Don't worry: Rory will probably announce it on Friday. But one thing's for sure -- if he's posting videos of his driver swing, you know he's debating giving it a go.