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A Fitting Lesson: Rory's just like us

March 08, 2013

__By Mike Stachura __


Confidence, man: Adjusting to new clubs is easier if you've been fit for them. Photo: J.D. Cuban

Average golfers often have the same experience as Rory McIlroy when they switch to new equipment. But the adjustment period should be minimal if your clubs are properly fit (especially if you play a lot). McIlroy seems to have worked things out with a final-round 65 at the WGC-Cadillac Championship. Most clubfitters don't suggest changing 14 clubs and ball at once like Rory did, but they say the key is to remain in contact with your fitter. If you have questions, a good fitter will bring you back to retest your specs. (Golfers often struggle with distance control after switching irons.) A fitting is the beginning of the process, says Dana Upshaw of Dana Golf in Georgia.

"It's never just the clubs or swing. There's a marriage of the two, and like most marriages, a little incompatibility can creep in. Good 'counseling' can help resolve both."