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Rory just bought a new $2 million condo in South Florida, because why not?

August 26, 2014

Rory McIlroy has spent nearly $14 million on properties in Florida's Palm Beach area, according to South Florida Business Journal, and he's about to add another $2 million to that tab.

But first, just to put this in perspective: So far this season Rory has made more than $7 million on the course, and which helps his career total to more than $22 million. In that context, dropping $2 million isn't really that big of a deal.

But regardless, Gossip Extra reports that Rory McIlory finalized last week the purchase of a 3,100-square-foot, three-bedroom condo on Singer Island, about seven miles away from his $9.5 million, 16,123-square-foot mansion that he bought in 2012.

Here are some pictures of the property, courtesy of Gossip Extra.