Ronald Acuña throwing a ball directly into this fan's cup of beer is further proof he is not human

How good is Ronald Acuña? Just last week, while getting heckled by some dopey fan, Bryce Harper, the 2015 NL MVP, turned around and corrected the dopey fan, because the dopey fan wasn't even pronouncing Acuña's name right while screaming "BRYCE, YOU'LL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS ACOONA!" non-stop. And that dopey fan thought he got Bryce good, then posted the video, then got shredded on the internet:

Yeesh. Like nails on a chalkboard. 

How good is Acuña? On Sunday Night Baseball, on the first pitch he saw, he hit a routine grounder to Phillies shortstop Didi Gregorious, and he hit it hard. Still, somehow, he beat out the throw:

How good is Acuña? The very next night, he showed off some of that ridiculous speed again, tagging up and scoring from third on a pop up that barely reached the outfield against the Marlins:

How good is Acuña" On Wednesday night, he threw a ball from the outfield directly into a fan's cup of beer. He is not the same species as us:

OK, so the fan helped a little by moving the cup, but this is still some serious wizardry in our book. As of now, this man is currently leading the league in hits, runs scored, home runs, OPS, slugging percentage, OPS+, and beers thrown directly into. Lot of season left, but his MVP case has never been stronger.