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Rolling the dice on the Masters

April 11, 2010

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- It's 2:15 p.m in Augusta and I doubt any of the leaders teeing off in less than an hour are more nervous than my pal Billy, an inveterate golf gambler who has discovered the wonder -- and horror -- of internet gambling.

Billy loaded up early and often this week, starting with a stake of $1,000 which he's since ran up to roughly $1,400. Today he's letting the whole thing ride on a series of proposition and head-to-head match bets.

For better or worse, Billy is pinning his hopes (and bankroll) on two outcomes:

Low scoring and an electric performance by Phil Mickelson.

Here's what Billy has going in the final round:

-- $300 on Fred Couples to shoot under 72.5.

-- $200 on K.J. Choi to shoot  under 71.5.

-- $500 on Phil Mickelson to shoot under 70.5.

-- $200 on Mickelson to beat Tiger Woods.

-- $200 on Mickelson to beat Lee Westwood.

Postscript results to follow in about seven hours, provided Billy is solvent and sober.

-- Guy Yocom