Fired Up, Ready To Go

Robert MacIntyre shows off Ryder Cup pajamas, is the early leader for most team spirit

September 27, 2023

Despite not hitting a single shot that counts yet, we're pretty sure this is the best week of Robert MacIntyre's life. Making his first appearance in the Ryder Cup, the 27-year-old Scot is soaking in every minute of the biennial event—even when he's sleeping.

On Tuesday night, MacIntyre made a final post before he turned off the lights in his hotel room. And he showed off some flashy Team Europe pajamas:

Now that's team spirit. You love to see it.

Of course, it leads to two obvious questions: Did everyone on Team Europe get these? And if so, why the heck haven't they taken an official team photo dressed like that?

In any event, MacIntyre is fired up and ready to go. We just hope for his sake that he's able to actually get a bit of sleep this week.