PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club


Killer fault: Hooking

June 13, 2007


Hooking shots

Players who routinely hook the ball will try anything to get rid of the problem, including setting the body left of the target and swinging the club back to the outside. But the problem remains: The player's downswing is still coming too far from the inside, and the club is rapidly closing, causing the hook.


Keep club out but lead arm in

To get rid of a hook, stop letting your arms pull away from your body on the backswing, flipping the club to the inside. Try to keep your lead arm "connected" to your torso as the clubhead stays outside your hands. The club will now go back on the proper path, which will encourage an on-plane downswing.

Did someone tell you ... ?

"Take the club straight back along the target line." This typically causes the arms to pull away so that the club goes inside. Now you're destined to drop the club even farther to the inside and hit a big, nasty hook.