124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Rickie Fowler: Steal My Feel

May 19, 2013

It doesn't matter what your swing looks like. If you can stay in balance throughout the entire motion, you're going to hit a lot of good shots.

I see amateurs make beautiful practice swings where they finish in that trophy pose but then fall all over themselves when they hit the ball. Sometimes tour players are guilty of this, too. We get anxious and lean in the direction we're trying to curve the ball.

Good balance is huge, but thinking about it too much can make you tentative. When I'm playing my best, playing aggressively, my focus is on hitting the ball. But one thought I do use is for the finish position: I think, Stay on top of your feet. To me, this means my entire body--legs, torso, shoulders--finishes directly over my feet. My right heel is up, and I can sense my weight solidly in my left foot (above, right). You'd have to push pretty hard to knock me over. That's good balance.

Rickie Fowler won the 2012 Wells Fargo Championship and has three top-10 finishes on the PGA Tour in 2013.