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Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas lead charge of players growing playoff beards for FedEx Cup

August 23, 2016

Donald Miralle

Hockey has one of the best traditions in athletics. Not Detroit crowds tossing octopuses onto the ice or the sportsmanship displayed in the handshake line following a series. We are talking about something that really matters: Playoff beards.

For two months, players let their whiskers run rampant to the delight of fans and the horror of significant others, all in hopes of an auspicious postseason run. It's a practice so popular that it's transcended hockey, sometimes borrowed by football and baseball players. Thanks to Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas, we can now add golfers to that list.

If this trend leads to players drinking from the FedEx trophy like hockey guys do with the Stanley Cup, we are all for it.