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Rickie Fowler: This is my 2-step fairway finder swing thought

February 01, 2024

One thing I love about our Undercover Lessons series is that it shows pros at their candid, analytical best. They reveal the details that help them play their best golf.

Including, in Rickie Fowler's case, a go-to swing thought for when he really needs to hit a fairway.

You can watch the full episode below, and check out our minute-by-minute guide right here.

Rickie's 2-step fairway finder

Rickie says throughout that his go-to shot is a high fade.

"I've never had a problem hitting the ball up into the air," he says. "And I like seeing the ball fall a little to the right."

But sometimes, especially when the wind is gusting, Rickie says he looks to hit his drive out of a "lower window." The ball will fall to the right, but not curve as much along the way. Fowler says there are three keys to that:

1. A full release of the head and body

Rickie says step one is making sure he continues to rotate his body and head aggressively through the shot. Turning, not sliding, is key.

"A big thing is making sure you don't slide into it," he says. "Staying behind it is important, but continuing to release it. When I'm trying to hit a cut, I'm thinking cut, I'm not trying too hard to cut it."

2. Lead wrist down

Through the shot, Rickie says he likes to feel like he turns the logo of his glove down towards the ground.

"I want a good chest and head release. I also feel like the emblem of the glove gets a little more down."

An aggressive turn, combined with his glove logo turning down closes the clubface slightly. It launches the ball a little lower, a touch straighter—and usually straight down the middle.