Lesson TeeJuly 17, 2013

3 Keys To Crisp Iron Shots

Here you see one of the great young talents on tour today: Sang-Moon Bae. The 27-year-old from South Korea, who I started working with earlier this year, won his first PGA Tour event at the HP Byron Nelson Championship in May. Bae is a terrific putter, but what I really like about his game is the way he attacks the ball. Notice three things here:

1.) Almost all of his weight has shifted to his front side, and he's pushing off the ground to generate leverage and power.

2.) His hips are almost facing the target; hip rotation keeps the club on the correct path.

3.) He's keeping his chest pointing down so he can compress the ball with a downward strike.

Copy these keys, and you'll get more out of your irons.

Illustration: Chris Gash


The most accurate PGA Tour pros average only 12 or 13 greens in regulation a round. The reason they don't hit more is that they often fire at specific parts of the greens to try to set up birdies. The seven-figure winner's checks on tour make it worth the risk. But if you're a bogey golfer, use the entire green as your target. Aim at one side and let your pre-dominant shot shape move the ball into the fat part of the green.

RICK SMITH, a Golf Digest Teaching Professional, is based at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Mich.