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Rick Martin starts another golf apparel company

August 09, 2011

Rick Martin, who founded the Fairway & Greene apparel company in 1995 and sold it in 2004, is back in business with another apparel company, Martin Golf, that will debut its new line in the spring of 2012.

Martin's focus is traditional cotton shirts. Hence Martin Golf's motto: Timeless as the game. Here is what Martin Golf's website says of its goal: "Our desire to develop a superior 100% cotton lisle golf shirt has never been about resting comfortably on a result. Rather, it's always been an unending pursuit of the perfect shirt. Today's technology has allowed us to identify and source the optimum cotton yarn. It begins with a long-staple Pima cotton fiber--consistent in its longer length--which is spun into our unique yarn and subjected to a refined singeing process. This brings it to life in our fabrics and collars, which we knit at a level more demanding than industry standards. And most importantly, our unique, proprietary finishing processes impart a lasting luster and hand feel to every shirt we produce. Performance and stability in a 100% Pima cotton golf shirt is guaranteed every time. Our constant quest for perfection is as Timeless As The Game."

The line also will include sweaters "in Alpaca links, fine Italian merino wool and a unique mercerized Pima cotton," the company says.

Martin Golf will be limited to green grass shops exclusively.

-- John Strege