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Restaurant learns the hard way that if you play with fire, the sprinklers will go off

On Saturday night, my girlfriend and I went to a Hibachi place, one I hadn't been to in over five years, and wow, it was everything I hoped it'd be. The food, the atmosphere, the pageantry, all unmatched. We were treated to a show, yet after seeing this video, I realized my Hibachi experience wasn't even half as entertaining as what these diners were treated to at a Greek restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland.

The video, which was posted April 18 and has already garnered over 65,000-views, is of a flaming cheese dish at Cava Mezze in Baltimore, four dishes to be exact. If it didn't look like it was going to go wrong immediately, just wait a few seconds for utter chaos to unfold:

Probably not what they had in mind here with the "Saganaki" dish, which, according to the Baltimore Sun, customer Matt Gillis said his group liked so much that they placed four more orders after consuming their first four, and presumably watching a successful fire experiment. Another member of the party, James Hughes, said they "ordered too much Saganaki." Gee, YA THINK. In other news, water is wet. Tough look for Cava Mezze, but we wish them the best and hope they bounce back from SprinklerGate.