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Report: Tiger preps for Bay Hill return

March 11, 2010

New York Post golf writer Mark Cannizzaro is reporting today that Tiger Woods has hired Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for President George W. Bush, to help repair Woods' image, and that Woods is preparing to return to golf at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill.

"Two sources in the golf community have told The Post that Ari Fleischer, the former presidential advisor to George W. Bush and the man who was brought in to help repair the steroid-shattered image of Mark McGwire, has been huddling with Woods, plotting a strategy for his return to golf -- at the Arnold Palmer Invitational starting March 25 at Bay Hill in Orlando," Cannizzaro wrote.

The sources are not identified, it should be noted.

Fleischer's business, "Ari Fleischer Sports Communication," is a joint venture with IMG and was launched in March of 2008. IMG, of course, serves as Woods' agent.

On Fleischer's company home page, it states: "Ari Fleischer Sports Communications can help you handle the bad news and take advantage of the good."

-- John Strege