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Remembering a happier time when Tiger Woods hit (trick) shots into the water on purpose

May 26, 2016

A couple weeks ago, Tiger Woods dumped three consecutive wedges into the water at during a media day at Congressional. The sad/embarrassing moment trended on Twitter and even made the front page of USA Today. In short, this will not be the clip they show at Woods' Hall of Fame induction.

Then again, some people -- we call them "Tiger Truthers" -- thought Woods did it on purpose. If those people are willing to go that far to defend they're guy, then we're going to assume they will especially get a kick out of this. It's an old clip of Tiger actually hitting shots into the water on purpose. Trick shots, in fact, that involved Woods hitting righty and lefty while juggling a ball a la that famous Nike commercial.

Oh, did we mention the video is accompanied by Verne Lundquist's "In Your LIFE!" commentary of Woods' 2005 Masters chip-in? Yep. Enjoy.