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Tough Break

Did the RBC Heritage put up an extra net to stop Bryson's range bombs, only for Bryson to withdraw?

Last June at the RBC Heritage, while still in the early stages of his bulk-up revolution, Bryson DeChameabu strolled into Harbour Town and began turning heads on the range well before the tournament even began. He was absolutely drunk with power, hitting the ball so far with the driver that he had to move to the back of the range so he didn't hit it over the net.

Fast forward 10 months and this time, RBC Heritage officials appeared more than prepared for DeChambeau's range bombs. He must have hit at least one or two over the net last June, because according to a few folks on site the tournament had to put an extra net up to catch DeChambeau's heat-seeking missiles. Here are a few of the photos:

To be clear, it's a little speculative that the net was put up solely for DeChambeau. But, let's be honest, they didn't put up that thing because they fear Zach Johnson or Luke Donald might fly one up there.

The big dagger, of course, is that DeChambeau withdrew from the event on Monday following his second straight Masters disappointment. So this net may have (allegedly) been put up for a player who didn't even show up.