Fore Left

Watch this college golfer drill a car with his tee shot at the Western Intercollegiate

Sunday evening's post-Masters swoon was very real this year. There won't be another trip to Augusta in six months like we had this year, which means the 12-month wait for the next one will feel more like 24 months.

But there's a very quick way to get your post-Masters fix—the Western Intercollegiate being played at Pasatiempo Golf Club, which was designed by Alister MacKenzie, who also happened to design Augusta National. OK, it's not quite the Masters, but it was some solid Monday evening Golf Channel viewing if you were looking for more live golf.

If you didn't tune in, you missed some serious chaos, starting with this dude who drilled two cars with his tee shot at the par-3 18th:

Yeesh, did this guy get lucky or what? The tree clearly slowed that ball down, even though it still clanked off two different cars. The fact no windows were shattered is a minor miracle. Relatable stuff, though, as a few folks on Twitter pointed out:

Who among us hasn't blasted one off somebody's roof or worse, smashed a window? Anyway, moving on ...

Later in the evening, USC's Kaito Onishi's tee shot at the 17th hole found the cart path cutting through the fairway. Usually, the cart path helps you, at least with added distance. That was not the case for Onishi's ball:

Ouch. As you can see at the very end, this wound up being a terrible break for Onishi, who managed to make a bogey and shot a five-over 75. As for the guy who drilled the two cars, we aren't sure exactly who it is, which is a good break for him.