Quotes from the Solheim Cup

August 19, 2009

The first major Solheim Cup press conference at Rich Harvest Farms took place yesterday, and players on both the U.S. and European teams had some interesting things to say. Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis, Juli Inkster, Michelle Wie, Brittany Lang and Kristy McPherson spoke on behalf of the U.S. team, and Suzann Pettersen and Helen Alfredsson represented the European team.

"Meg and Beth are doing a great job keeping us loose, a lot of activities. We have 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' and 'Ring Around the Rosy,' so it's kind of great." --Juli Inkster, on some not-traditionally-adult activities.

"We're in the step houses over there, so we try not to interact with the little people." --Inkster, on whether the U.S. team has interacted with the European team.

Inkster: "I won some money from Natalie today."Natalie Gulbis: "I haven't paid up yet."Inkster: "Fast payments, fast friends."Gulbis: "We cannot disclose amounts, but I will be dipping into the wallet today."

"Last night, we're on the putting green, and Morgan brings out her computer, and we're playing some songs, and Michelle is breaking it down. It was pretty funny. Just stuff that you can't put a price on." --Inkster, on how special the camaraderie is this week. Gulbis added, "How great would it be if we played together as a team every single week?"

"I really haven't seen so many people on the practice round before. I mean, the bleachers are filled on a Tuesday, so I can't imagine what Friday will be like." --Michelle Wie, on the large crowds during yesterday's practice rounds.

"I'm kind of shocked we haven't had the rookie initiation yet. They haven't made us feel like rookies yet, so it's been really cool being in there with girls like Juli, who has out here so many times, and Kerr has played so many." --Kristy McPherson, one of two rookies on this year's U.S. team.

"I was really pulling for him. I played a practice round with him back in Japan, and I just thought he was the nicest guy and a really great player." --Wie, talking about Y.E. Yang's historic win at last week's PGA Championship.

"We throw out a little South Carolina. We've got our own little words. Meg is trying to make fun of us a little bit. Meg came up to me yesterday and said, 'What do you call a guy that doesn't have any hair?' I'm like, 'He's bald headed.' Not 'bald,' 'he's bald headed.' She's like, 'You and Beth are the only two I've ever heard that have ever said that. That's definitely a South Carolina thing.'" --McPherson, on her relationship with Beth Daniel, her captain and fellow South-Carolinian.

"It's much easier.  I don't have to go and get anything for anybody, which is nice.  I don't have to worry about anybody but myself, and since we are so selfish, it's much easier." --Helen Alfredsson's frank thoughts on being a player this year, not a captain.

"I prefer her as a teammate. She's a player who will fight her heart out." --Suzann Pettersen, who would rather play with Alfredsson than play for her.

"I also think we're the true underdogs, but I still think we have the best team. A lot of people over here don't really know all of our players, which I think could be a good thing.  But they're actually playing very good, all of them." --Pettersen, on her under-the-radar teammates.

"I think in 1990 we could hardly give the tickets away, and here we are cheering ourselves on and just seeing what women's golf has come to when we see all the tents and all the hoopla around it." --Alfredsson, who's noticed a drastic difference since playing in the first Solheim Cup team matches, back in 1990.

"We know that the Americans like to shout and scream, and the players that have been over here, we all know how it works." --Alfredsson, on the rowdy American fans.

"We are stronger than you think. Age is just a number, dear. We have all the young ones. This is where we send them out, go, go, go." --Alfredsson, sticking up for her older compadres on the European team.

--Ashley Mayo