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Quick Q&A With A Beverage Cart Girl: April Davis

October 13, 2010

__Name:April Davis__Age: 34__From: Virginia Beach, VA.Status: Single. "For now."


__Do you like it?__I love it. It's fun. The members are good to me and I get to work on this immaculate golf course.

__What do you want to be when you grow up?__An ultrasound technician. This is just my temporary job.


__What on earth did you do to deserve that?__I was nice. I'm a pleasant person to be around. [Laughs.]

__Have you met some famous people out here?__I have--Mr. Jerry West is out here a lot--John Smoltz, Rick Pitino, Charles Barkley.

__Was Barkley a big tipper?__I think he spent too much at the casino the night before.

__Are you a golfer?__I want to be. I've been too busy to learn. Even on employee golf day, I didn't have time to play.


__What's your response?__Maybe.

--Matty G.*