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Q&A: Yogi Berra

March 02, 2010

I've always said that I hate the Yankees. I might hate the Yankees right now more than I love the Padres. Which is understandable--the Padres suck and the Yankees are coming off another championship. But I've always respected their role in the game, their old stadium and some of the great players who have worn a Yankees' jersey. As much as I hate the current team, I have nothing but respect for Derek Jeter and especially Mariano Rivera. As for Yogi Berra, I don't even think of him as a Yankee, I think of him as one of baseball's greatest winners (13 championships--10 as a player, three as a coach or manager). He's like Bill Russell, Jack Nicklaus, Kelly Slater or Mia Hamm, they've all won a lot more than their competition. (I'll leave Tiger off the list because he's on a time out.)

Anyway, here's a link to my complete conversation with Yogi Berra, a sweet man who has been a great ambassador for golf after he was, and still is, a great ambassador for baseball.

And here's a link to a few of my favorite answers in his voice:

--Matty G.

(Photograph by Getty Images.)