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PXG GEN4 fairway woods, hybrids add forgiveness and rails with XF models

October 22, 2021

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The new PXG 0341XF GEN4 fairway woods and 0317XF hybrids are the more forgiving companion to the previously introduced 0341X and 0317X. The larger size (190 cubic centimeters on the 3-wood) is only part of the story. The biggest saving grace are the split rails that run the length of the sole, providing a smoother glide through the turf, especially for steeper swings or strokes that catch a little too much turf before they get to the ball. The XF fairway woods also start with one-degree higher lofts compared to the X model.

PRICE: 0341XF GEN4 fairway woods, $249 (all with +/- 1.5-degree adjustable hosel: 16, 19, 22 degrees); 0317XF GEN 4 hybrids, $249 (all with +/- 1.5-degree adjustable hosel: 19, 22, 25, 28 degrees).

THE DEEP DIVE: When PXG introduced its 0811 GEN4 driver earlier this year, the line’s XF model was an unabashed play toward forgiveness. That included an oversized footprint stretched both from heel to toe and front to back, as well as a deep center of gravity for improved stability on off-center hits (high moment of inertia). While the matching 0341 fairway woods and 0317 hybrids to the driver at the time focused on lower spin and a more compact size, it seemed only natural that a more forgiving option to join the XF driver was in the works. That project has come to fruition with the release of the 0341XF fairway woods and 0317XF hybrids, both larger alternatives to the current GEN4 metalwoods.

But larger is just part of the forgiveness story with the XF fairway woods and hybrids. While like the other GEN4 metalwoods, the XF line incorporates the same carbon-composite crown piece that’s made of light, thin and strong aluminum vapor composite found in MRC’s latest graphite shafts, it’s on the bottom of the club where the most forgiving element resides. Parallel rails running front to back in the center of the sole might do more to mitigate mishits than even the high stability of the larger frames on the new XF fairway woods and hybrids, said Brad Schweigert, PXG’s chief product officer.


“The way this rail sole geometry works is it creates a low-friction interaction with the turf, especially if you have a steeper attack angle,” he said, noting the sharply increasing initial angle from the leading edge to the start of the sole. “It generates more bounce for more forgiveness and keeps the club from digging into the turf. Now, if you have a more sweeping attack angle, this design doesn’t hurt you at all, but it just really works to create more consistent impact with those swings that have a steeper attack angle, especially for players with less consistent swings. It really keeps that sole moving through the turf.”


Both the 0341XF fairway woods and 0317XF hybrid use a high-strength HT1770 stainless-steel face for high flexibility, which is taller than on the 0341X fairway woods. The body is made of an AM355 chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel alloy. Each also features an adjustable hosel that changes loft and lie angle by +/- 1.5 degrees and two adjustable sole weights one in the front center of the sole and one towards the heel. Putting the heavier weight in the front position is designed to improve ballspeed, while shifting the heavy weight to the heel enhances draw bias. Generally, though, the center of gravity is more rearward than on the X models for increased forgiveness, and the fairway-wood lofts, though adjustable, are a degree weaker than on the X models to further assist in easier launch.

Both the XF fairway woods and hybrids also utilize internal honeycomb-shaped pads made of the same polymer material used in the irons. Placed along the internal part of the sole, those act as vibration dampers while saving more weight than internal metal ribbing structures.


The 0341XF GEN4 fairway woods ($249, 16, 19 and 22 degrees) and the 0317XF GEN4 hybrids ($249, 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees) are available now.