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PXG 0811X, 0811X+ prototype drivers not just for the pros anymore


The new PXG 0811X and 0811X+ drivers still may be only prototypes, but that doesn’t mean they’re reserved for tour players. The company is offering the still-in-development models in limited quantities for purchase to get a sense of what average golfers think, too.

Offered at a discount from the usual $650 price point ($495), the 0811X Proto and 0811X+ Proto had been seen earlier this year in the bags of Ryan Moore, Pat Perez and Wyndham Clark. The multiple adjustable heads feature sole weights and a rotating hosel, but the two heads offer a fundamental fitting difference based not on your swing flaws or preferred ballflight like so many other drivers. Instead, these two models are based on specific swing types, in particular the way a player delivers the clubhead to the ball. Called angle of attack, it refers to whether the club is approaching the ball on an even or neutral angle, a downward angle or an upward angle at impact. In simple terms, in a downward angle of attack a player tends to be delofting the club at impact, while generally with an upward angle of attack a player often is adding loft at impact.

The 0811X Proto is aimed at players with a neutral to downward angle of attack, while the 0811X+ Proto is best suited to players with an upward angle of attack.

"We believe we've created something special and are looking forward to getting feedback from average golfers, like myself, in the coming weeks," said Bob Parsons, PXG founder.

Both the 0811X Proto and 0811X+ Proto features four sole weights that generally encompass three lighter weights and one heavier weight. The weights, which are the same as those used in PXG’s GEN2 custom fit putter lineup, run from five to 20 grams (5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15 and 20 grams) and are arrayed in both front and back and heel and toe locations. The rotating hosel adjusts loft by plus or minus 1.5 degrees.

PXG characterizes the 0811X Proto as low center of gravity, low-spin option, while the 0811X+ Proto is more of a mid-CG, mid-spin setup. The 0811X is available only in a 9.0-degree loft, while the 0811X+ is only offered in a 10.5-degree loft. Both are only offered in right-handed models. The company did not specify how long the prototypes will be available.