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Putting drills at the PGA Show: The PutterWheel

January 21, 2014

OK, so it doesn't look like a normal ball, but the PutterWheel is the same weight as a standard ball and has the same cover as a ProV1. So, despite the fact that you're looking at significantly less material, it's supposed to feel pretty similar to a normal ball.

There are a few little cues that the training aid provides to help with alignment: First, the straight lines of the ball function the same way drawing a line on your ball does - and at address, you can see pretty clearly if your feet are going on the same line the ball is. Second, there's a red ring that runs around the inside circumference of the ball. If you see any red when you're standing over the ball it means your eyes aren't directly over the ball.


Once you're lined up, there's nothing to do but hope no one is watching you putt, because if you don't put a square stroke on this ball, it's going to wobble around and miss the cup instead of rolling straight. The wobbly feedback steers you towards hitting the ball with a square, ascending blow.

A sleeve of three retails for $40 and you can buy one for $18. They come with a plastic stencil to draw lines on normal balls that mimic the lines of the PutterWheel.