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PutterMaster: A simple fix for a wristy stroke

November 22, 2011

Mark Immelman, brother of former Masters champion Trevor Immelman and one of Golf Digest's top 20 teachers under 40 in 2009 (he's now 41), embraces simplicity in his teaching.


"As a golf instructor, what gets me about a lot of them is that they use training aids that are intricate or difficult to use," Immelman said. "I base my entire teaching philosophy on the more simply you can apply these things the better. This was right up my alley."

He was talking about the PutterMaster, a simple training aid that attaches to your own putter and won't allow your wrists to break down during the stroke. Immelman is the director of product development for PutterMaster, which is based in Columbus, Ga.

"The whole premise of this thing is stability in the wrists," Immelman said. "It forces correct alignment of the forearms as well, which is crucial to success. The simplicity of this was very intriguing to me, and it touches on an area of the game that can have a huge effect on your score. If you putt well, your scoring is going to improve."

The PutterMaster sells for $29.99 and can be purchased here.