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Puma's Titantour golf shoes are the latest in a market inspired by running shoes

October 27, 2015

The idea of energy-return cushioning has proven effective in running shoes with the success of the Hoka One shoes and other similar entries. This concept is finding its way into golf with this year’s AdiPower Boost shoes from Adidas, and now Puma is getting into the cushioning game with its new TitanTour Ignite shoe, which the company unveiled Tuesday.

The TitanTour Ignite uses a liquid polyurethane blend during the manufacturing process to form a cushioned midsole between the outsole and your foot. Puma’s head of golf footwear Grant Knudson describes the material as having “providing unparalleled support and cushioning.”


"[The Ignite foam system] provides virtually unlimited design freedom in terms of shape, color and texture," Knudson said. "This allows us to utilize the correct amount of foam, as well as position it exactly where needed to provide golfers with the perfect blend of cushion and performance."

Knudson says Puma noticed substantial performance benefits from the material in its running shoes, thus deciding to bring it to golf.

Like previous TitanTour shoes, the Ignite also includes the Outlast “phase change” compound inside the shoe to regulate temperature and absorb moisture.