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Puma introduces 'lightest shoe in golf'

May 15, 2013

The minimalist running shoe movement that began as a means of replicating running barefoot already had been adapted to golf shoes, but Puma has attempted to advance the concept with its introduction of what it calls "the lightest shoe in golf."

The Faas Lite Mesh, a spikeless shoe designed to be worn "from the street to the course," weighs in at 6.5 ounces. It features zero heel-to-toe drop, similar to the bare foot.

Though it is without spikes, the Faas Lite Mesh does have traction elements that it calls SmartQuill technology to enhance stability. It also features corrugated flex grooves that allow the foot to move naturally.

Puma also is introducing the Faas Lite, a waterproof shoe that weights just 8.7 ounces. It, too, has zero heel-to-toe drop and SmartQuill technology.

Both models are offered in three colorways. The Faas Lite Mesh shown above is Brilliant Blue/Limeade.

There, too, are women's versions that are lighter yet -- 5.5 ounces in the Faas Lite Mesh, seven ounces in the Faas Lite.

The suggested retail price for the Faas Lite is $100 for the men's shoe, $90 for the women's shoe. The Faas Lite Mesh price is $90 for the men's shoe, $80 for the women's shoe.