If you've ever looked online for golf instruction, you know there's a lot of it out there. That, in itself, is good, but it can be difficult to know what's accurate and reliable—and also, what's right for your game.

With a new program called Golf Digest Pros on Demand, you can have access to some of the top teachers in the game, all recognized by one of Golf Digest's instructor rankings. The way it works is, each week a new teacher leads a discussion on some aspect of game improvement, and you get to join the conversation, ask questions or simply follow the video posts. However you decide to participate, you know you're hearing from reputable teachers. It's like having a team of leading pros at your beck and call.

Now, the part about getting personal attention for your game. With Golf Digest Pros on Demand, you have an opportunity to upload your swing and have it analyzed by one of these top instructors. This is a one-time opportunity, the first of its kind, to get personalized swing advice from a Golf Digest-ranked instructor. Our team of top pros is waiting for you.

So if you're looking for high-quality instruction and a chance to learn what you can do to play better, check out Golf Digest Pros on Demand. It's instruction you can trust, tailored to your game.