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Project X EvenFlow shaft aims to smooth flex profile from butt to tip

October 02, 2017

Project X’s EvenFlow shaft, which has been among the top-played shafts on the PGA Tour and Tour this season since being introduced earlier this year, is now ready for consumer use.

The EvenFlow is designed to release more of the shaft’s stored energy at impact in a more smooth transition, said Don Brown, director of golf innovation for Project X.

“With the EvenFlow design we wanted to focus on a shaft that provides smooth feel to go along with the premium performance expected from Project X,” he said. “EvenFlow’s unique stiffness profile delivers exceptional feel while maximizing energy transfer.

The bend profile for the shaft, the way the stiffness of the shaft changes from butt to tip, is designed to be more of a smooth transition.

Project X EvenFlow is available in EvenFlow Black, a low-spin, low-launch option; and EvenFlow Blue, a mid-spin, mid-launch option. Both models are available in 65-, 75- and 85- gram wood shafts and an 85-gram hybrid shaft ($350).