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Pro golfer shows how to properly hit (eco-friendly) golf ball into the ocean

May 30, 2016

Want to get your golf fix on this summer, but also want get away from the packed golf courses and six-hour rounds at your local course? Bring your clubs to the beach instead. Just don't forget to pick up some biodegradable golf balls first.

Introducing Savannah Vilaubi, a Cactus Tour winner, who works on her golf game even when she's working on her tan lines. Check out this swing -- and her caption, which will quickly reassure people that this type of activity can be safe for the environment:

Bare feet? In the sand? Don't act like you're not impressed by Savannah's balance. And it looks like Savannah was playing as a twosome:

And it seems like she took a little time off from practice to enjoy the long weekend in Hawaii. Good for her.

A couple weeks ago, Will Wilcox posted a video of him hitting this tee shot into the ocean the week of the Players:

Some people on social media were upset over the PGA Tour pro polluting the water. Will, just use biodegradable balls next time! Oh, and make sure the beach isn't too crowded -- especially if you're not a pro golfer like these two.