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Pro golfer turning her headstand into a handstand is your Friday motivation

As if you needed another argument to prove that golfers are athletes. Yeah, we all know there are golfers like Tim Herron and Carl Pettersson who might not look like it. But when you understand the golf swing and the biomechanics needed to make an efficient swing -- let alone at a tour level -- you can put any argument to the contrary to rest.

But just in case that's not enough for your buddies, you can show them this video. Carly Booth is a Ladies European Tour player who gained a huge following after appearing in ESPN The Magazine's The Body Issue a couple years ago. She's only 21 and earned her LET card at age 17.

All we know is, if you're a golfer and can do a handstand we respect the hell out of you. That's like the 0.01 percent of the golf population. Might as well be a unicorn.

Anyways, let this be further evidence that golfers are, in fact, athletes.

If that wasn't enough, here's some more Carly Booth looking ripped taking you into the weekend.

Those shoulder blades though! Woo!

I think most golfers will read that and realize their lifestyles are not really geared toward fitness. But Carly Booth is here to motivate us.

OK, this is the mic drop. Nothing anyone can say that this golfer is not an (elite) athlete.