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Presidents Cup 2017: Rules official dismisses Tiger Woods during Jordan Spieth's rules dispute

September 30, 2017

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — As Saturday's four-ball session nears its end, the Americans have once again taken over, earning the first two points and leading in the final two matches on the course. This thing may be over before Sunday's singles matches.

But at least we did get a little controversy from the Jordan Spieth/Patrick Reed versus Louis Oosthuizen/Jason Day match. In case you were sleeping through the coverage (we wouldn't blame you), Spieth was disqualified from the 12th hole when he stopped Louis Oosthuizen's ball, which was still rolling past the cup. The technically proper ruling (applied under ridiculous circumstances) resulted in a rare loss of hole for Spieth and Reed.

As is the case with most rulings, the rules official sometimes become the center of attention. As veteran European Tour referee Andy McFee was discussing the infraction on his walkie talkie, the entire group, including Tiger Woods and Nick Price, huddled around, presumably discussing the absurdity of what they were witnessing. That's when this exchange occurred, which was picked up on by the guys at Skratch TV. Listen closely:

Yes, you heard that correctly. McFee dismissing the GOAT and acting like it was nothing. "This is between me and Spieth," he says, while simultaneously not looking TIGER WOODS in the eye. Who does this man think he is!? Even Spieth is in shock, turning his head away and laughing at this farce. A stunning turn of events at the Presidents Cup, which was in desperate need of a stunning turn of events.