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2017 Presidents Cup: Jordan Spieth disqualified from hole for ridiculous rule

September 30, 2017

The Internationals have been unable to inject life into the Presidents Cup. Luckily—is that the word we're looking for?— the rules of golf added some drama into the weekend proceedings.

The afternoon match featuring Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed against Jason Day and Louis Oosthuizen was tied entering Liberty National's par-4 12th hole. Day, just off the front of the green with his drive, pitched his second to tap-in range, with the Americans conceding the birdie. Oosthuizen, just off the back, attempted his eagle shot, only to watch it hurry past the cup.

Spieth, knowing the Internationals were already in the hole with three, picked up Oosthuizen's still-rolling ball, trying to curtail the catcalls from the stands. But instead of Spieth and Reed attempting their birdie tries, the official for the match disqualified the Americans from the hole, as disrupting the path of a moving ball is against the rules.

In the official's estimation, the ball still could have come back to the cup. It should be noted the ball was moving down a hill when Spieth picked it up.

Oosthuizen and Day tried to argue for Spieth, but the official had already made the ruling. Though the official is technically in the right, a bit of common sense was desperately needed in this situation, as it was against the spirit of the contest.

The ruling gave the Internationals a 1-up lead in the match. It was the first time the Internationals have won the 12th hole in the entire competition.