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Presidents Cup 2017: Phil Mickelson took a selfie with Obama, Bush and Clinton before his match and it's amazing

September 28, 2017

Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama hanging out on the first tee to kick off the 2017 Presidents Cup was a history-making event -- marking the first time that three former U.S. presidents have attended the matches in such fashion.

The moment wasn't lost on Phil Mickelson, as his brother shared this hilarious selfie that Phil took with the former world leaders before Phil's Day 1 match.

Phil could've angled the camera a little better -- but hey, we're just thankful that Phil thought to document the moment with Presidents Nos. 42, 43 and 44. Donald Trump is expected to attend the Presidents Cup on Sunday, tour officials said on Wednesday, which would mark the first time that the sitting president attended the matches.

Not to be outdone by that selfie with Phil is this equally awesome photo of the three presidents hanging out with the Team USA WAGS on the first tee.

The former occupants of the White House are getting the royal treatment at the Presidents Cup. That's some good company, boys.