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President Donald Trump wants to play golf with the Queen of England in attendance

January 23, 2017

AFP/Getty Images

Golf is often used as a medium for business and political networking, a sentiment President Donald Trump knows better than anybody. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that Trump wants to extend foreign affairs to the links as well.

According to the Telegraph, the new POTUS wants to play while the Queen of England looks on at Balmoral Castle during his first official visit to the United Kingdom this summer.

"Discussions are underway about the president playing a round of golf on the private nine-hole course at Balmoral while the Queen looks on," the Telegraph reports. The publication states Trump's camp wants a photograph opportunity similar to the famous images of President Ronald Reagan horse riding with the Queen from 1982.

Balmoral Castle is property of the royal family in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, about 50 miles west of Trump's International Golf Links in Balmedie. It is the Queen’s private home, and as the Telepgraph notes, an invitation would illustrate how far England is willing to go to build a special relationship with the new administration.