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Predict the final score of the Ryder Cup, win a Cleveland Wedge

September 19, 2014

The Ryder Cup is famous -- or infamous -- for all the swag handed out to players, captains and other assorted dignitaries. Now it's time for you to get in on the act. The way for you to get your hands on one of these Ryder Cup Edition Cleveland wedges is by predicting who's going to win the Ryder Cup and by how much. But before you start throwing out random numbers, take a look at the stats Cleveland compiled…


Here's where you come in: Look at the graphic that illustrates the breakdown of stats, and calculate what the final score of the Ryder Cup will be.   You can enter on social media by using the hashtag #Score4theCup, or you can enter online at All of the correct answers will be entered to win a 588 Forged RTG with Rotex face wedge, styled for either the US or Euro Team.