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Power: Tips That Stick

December 23, 2017
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Every golfer wants a tip for adding distance and power, and just about every golfer is willing to give one, too. That endless back-and-forth creates a lot of clutter—and confusion—in the world of swing instruction. And if we’re being honest here, most golfers don’t know what’s a good tip for them, so they’ll try anything. It’s all a bit of a crapshoot.

Technology has helped clarify the information in recent years, as swing researchers have identified the moves and positions that the longest hitters share. You can even get yourself hooked up to a bunch of motion sensors and scrutinize your very own “swing signature.” Of course, that takes a fair bit of time and access—and also some chutzpah.

Another alternative is to listen to Michael Jacobs, a New York-based pro whose peers recently voted him one of the 50 Best Teachers in America. Using the Gears Golf motion-capture system and his own proprietary software, Jacobs has studied how the body produces speed in the golf swing. Because he also teaches golfers like you, he knows what average players do versus the bombers. And now you don’t have to go to Jacobs’ teched-out teaching studio to get the goods. He shares his power secrets in a new Golf Digest series called The Science of Speed.

In this five-video program, Jacobs digs in on how most golfers lose power. He looks at the setup, backswing, downswing and impact, but this is not your standard swing analysis. For example, Jacobs’ research says at the start of the downswing—when most golfers are pulling furiously down to the ball—the grip end should actually move back and up. He also says the hands should slow down before impact to transfer their speed out to the club, a whipping effect you see in long hitters. What do most golfers do to try to add speed? Move their hands faster.

If you’re ready for the real deal on power, click here to access The Science of Speed. You’ll discover new ways to add zip to all your shots. Or you can keep listening to your buddies.