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Poultergeist: Ian Poulter's ghost

April 23, 2011

Is the house in which Ian Poulter is staying while he plays in the Heritage on Hilton Head Island, S.C. haunted? Maybe, according to his own reports via Twitter. His posts:

-- "Check this out, we have a ghost in our house this week & I'm not joking we have had some very strange goings on every night."

-- "We have a dead bolted door in the house & every morning that door is unlocked & slightly open. It's happened 7 times already."

-- "No joke for real, very bizarre the door is pretty solid with a dead bolt & number of times it's been unlocked & open. Calling home owner now"

-- " @Graeme_McDowell I might join you mate we have a ghost in our house and it's given a strange feel in this house."

-- "I should ask @golfchannel or CBS if I can borrow a camera & set it up on that door for the night. My camera won't video for that long."

Needless to say, he's getting little sympathy. Lee Westwood posed this question on Twitter: "is it the ghost of arsenals last win???"

A Jamie Valder posted this: "Shut up you bender, get a grasp on reality and you might actually play some good golf"

Poulter shot 75 on Saturday to drop to a tie for 36th.

-- John Strege