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Poulter: 'Tree huggers stop it your [sic] boring me'

September 21, 2010

Twitter continues to provide an endless source of amusement, to wit the grief that Ian Poulter apparently took for posting video of his flight, via private jet (a Gulfstream G4), from Atlanta to Orlando, apparently a five-minute flight.

"Be home in 5 mins I will post take off and landing when I'm on wireless loads of footage," he wrote.

Apparently, he began hearing about the carbon footprint he had made for the five-minute flight, to which he replied via Twitter: "Tree huggers stop it your boring me, I guess i should have set off 5 days ago and gone on my push bike."

Paul Azinger, who follows Poulter (and vice versa) on Twitter, weighed in with this: "AL GORE the ultimate hypocritical tree hugger set the standard high for private air travel. Friendly skies to you Ian."

So it goes in the digital world of social networking.

-- John Strege