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Podcast: How to take your driving range game to the course

November 12, 2015

If you've played golf before, you've probably experienced the "driving range pro" phenomenon: you hit it great on the range, yet can’t seem to translate the same success on the course. And when the pressure is on, we do the inevitable: we choke.

Golfers are undeniably harsh self critics. And if we’re lucky enough to spend a round with close companions in a “friendly” competition, we’re likely to hear jabs from our brethren during a heated match, too. Sure, it’s all in good fun. But can we overcome these moments of weakness and still come through in the clutch?

According to mental performance coach Ed Tseng, the answer is simpler than we think. Of course, simple doesn’t make something easy. The challenges of interrupting thoughts will always be there. But Tseng has worked with countless athletes from the highest levels of pro sports all the way down to beginners. His unique approach addresses what to do when unwanted thoughts pop into our heads, and how positive thoughts can be just as harmful as negative ones.


His secret? Change the way you think and you will change the way you play. Listen to the podcast to see how you can simplify your thinking and improve your play under pressure.