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Players Championship 2020: An anatomy of TPC Sawgrass' iconic 17th hole

There is nothing else in professional golf like the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass. It's a crucible crossed with a pressure cooker fused to a cauldron. It makes names and takes them. It rewards the bold and punishes them too. It's the closest the PGA Tour gets to the X Games. You've looked at it a hundred million times from every angle, but have you ever really seen it? Have you ever pried your eyes away from the tee shot that makes grown freeze like they just looked Medusa in the eye and long enough to dissect everything that makes 17 17? Well, now's your chance. Before the roars, the splashes, and the drunken frat boy hordes pull you once more from solemn meditation, we present neither the first nor the last, but perhaps the most unique look at the most wondrously terrifying hole in golf. Grab your big boy pants and join us in the grandstands when you're ready.

THE PLAYERS Championship - Round Two

Stan Badz

If you think that's scary, one in 10 patrons now has an infectious disease. Whee!

The first round of the 2020 Players Championship begins Thursday 3/12. Sawgrass Monster t-shirts and coozies available in the parking lot. Sightings not guaranteed.