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Playboy model struck in the backside when used as a teeing ground settles lawsuit

November 11, 2015

A Playboy model who sued when she was left with a crimson keister after a bum rap with a golf club in an ill-advised stunt settled out of court, the Associated Press reported.

It is not known whether she got a buttload of money; terms of the settlement were not announced.

The incident in question, reported here by Golf Digest’s Alex Myers, occurred at a Playboy function at Industry Hills Golf Club in the City of Industry, Calif. We’ll let the actual lawsuit pick it up from there:

“Early on at the event Plaintiff [Elizabeth Dickson] was requested to lie down and pose for a photograph with defendant Kevin Klein. The photograph was supposed to depict the Plaintiff lying flat on her stomach with her buttocks partially exposed. A golf tee was then placed between the cheeks of her buttocks and a golf ball was balanced on top of the tee.”

The suit claimed that Klein was only supposed to pose. Instead, “unbeknownst to the plaintiff and without her permission or consent…swung the golf club and struck the Plaintiff on the buttocks, causing her injuries and damages.”

Yep. He hit the tee shot fat.